Preaching and Teaching Ministry

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It is all about the Bible. We focus all of our ministry around the Bible. We interpret the Scripture in a systematic and literal way and then deliver the truth in a way that it is applicable in any situation of life. This is done enthusiastically, often using fill in the blank outlines, with life and passion. Preaching is the centerpiece of our church and you will hear people saying, “Amen” as the Spirit of God confirms truth and conviction. An invitation or altar call follows every service for a decision and time of prayer.

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Missions and Faith Promise Mission Giving

“A Church with a Heart for Missions.” It is our desire to motivate every member of TBC to be involved in systematic giving to missionaries who are called by God to get the Gospel to places we cannot go. Our church has a yearly Mission Conference where we take steps into greater mission giving and take on the support of more missionaries. This is one of our most exciting things we do- help reach the world for Christ!

Weekly Outreach


The Great Commission commands us to go into the highways and by-ways, person-to-person, and door-to-door with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We take seriously the work of personal soulwinning as a church and as individuals. Come join us as we have an instruction time that includes food and fellowship!

Sunday school

Everyone needs a Sunday school class! Our church leaders and teachers are informed and trained Bible teachers. We background check any and all children’s workers to insure a safe and intelligent way of doing what we love- teaching the Bible! Come to one of our adult classes and allow your children to join other children in their safe and happy class. “The B-I-B-L-E yes that’s the BOOK for me!”

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The Nursery

Our nursery is place you can trust. We are very diligent to make sure our facility is clean, staffed with approved workers (background and trained) who love children and your family. We are always looking for better ways to do this important work and you are welcome to view how we do nursery anytime. Please see our Director for a tour and explanation of our procedures by emailing her at

Senior Saints

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This is a gathering of those who have enjoyed more years than most young people, who have more grey hair than others and have more wisdom by far! There is a wide range of activities in our beautiful Charleston area for you to enjoy with a number of others in their golden years. You must find a place to serve the Lord and have your “best” years count for eternity. Trident Baptist Seniors are a valuable part of not only our church but also of our entire church family. We value our senior saints and want TBC to be part of your wonderful retirement experiences.


Music Ministry

Our music program is old fashioned, spirit lifting and happy! We love to sing and it will be evident in your first visit. Our special music, choirs, congregational singing from the hymn book, instrumental accompaniment all make for a worshipful, revival spirit in every service.

Bus Ministry

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You can count on us for a free ride to Sunday school! We are happy to assist not only children but adults of all ages in transporting people to our services. We run our bus ministry into neighborhoods and on streets all over our city and would love to stop by and give you a ride. Call the church office and we promise to get back to you right a away and see what we can do to give you a lift to one of our services.


A dynamic group of young people who are impacted by Jesus and are making an impact for Him! Regular activities and outings are scheduled throughout the year ranging from camps and conferences to bowling and hiking and everything fun in between. A Christian young person can make a big difference and at TBC they mean a lot! We LOVE our young people. They have their own class meeting every Sunday at 10am. Join us this week!