A Place To Call Home

Home is a place you look forward to going to. In fact, when everything goes wrong in your day or right in your day, home is always where you want to be! We work hard at making Trident Baptist Church a church home for every person regardless of skin color or background. Visit TBC and you will see people from all walks of life enjoying the fellowship of God’s People. You need a church family, a pastor and a place to serve the Lord. We sincerely want you to feel welcome and happy that you came to visit our church. We will not treat you as a visitor but as an honored guest and it is our aim to see you come back again and again!



Sunday @ Trident Baptist Church

  • Sunday School for all: 10:00am

  • Morning Preaching Service: 11:00am

  • Evening Preaching Service: 5:30pm

    Wednesday Night

  • King's Kids Club: 6:45pm

  • Prayer and Bible Study: 7:00pm